Covid-19 update

It’s been a tough few days for all of us I’m sure.

We all face uncertainty.

I’ve been hitting the cancellation button constantly, which is a strange feeling as I only hit it for the first time in 10 years on Monday. I have enjoyed hosting families here in Caister for all that time and boosting local businesses by bringing quality tourism to the village. Thank you to my previous guests, most of you I really enjoyed chatting with 😂 So I hope to be here in future years to welcome returning and new guests but bills have to be paid somehow. When I figure it out I’ll let you all know how...

With the future being so hard to predict and in order to protect my local community I have decided to close the cottage until the 30th April. This date will be moved in line with government advice but I don’t want to be responsible for bringing covid-19 to my neighbours, friends and residents of our fine village.

Despite the financial issues this will create I have decided to refund all guests booked to 30th April in full and will continue to do so as needed. Although my terms clearly state there are no refunds we are all in trouble at this time and my overdraft should cover all outstanding bookings 🤨 It’s not our fault that we are in this situation and we need to look after each other.


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Hyundai Kona EV charging in Caister

Cheap Hyundai Kona Ionic charging at Caister Beach Cottages enables a worry free solution to travelling around Norfolk, Suffolk and the surrounding areas. While staying here in Caister-on-Sea 24 hour charging is available to guests with Konas or Ionics and is currently ONLY 15p/kwh from 00:30 to 04:30 all other times are day rate so please email me to get current day rates.

Caister on Sea Dog Friendly Beach | Image of Dog on sand

Simple and Easy to Plugin and Charge your Hyundai

At Caister Beach Cottages we believe in buying British where we can and discovered the quality of Viridian EV Eco Lite chargers chargers a couple of years ago. Offering superior build quality, reliability and battery protection we now have 3 of them on site. In the unlikely event that one of the charges is faulty you will still be able to charge on site. Ionic and Kona owners can easily and safely connect to our Mennekes Type 2 7 kW untethered Viridian chargers all powered by 100% renewable electricity. Caister Beach Cottages being as close to the sea in Caister-on-Sea as we are and maybe just because I’m a parent take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Hyundai EV Owners Charging Facilities

I also have to admit to having a soft spot for the Hyundai Kona EV as we purchased ours in the summer of 2020. Its an app controlled flying carpet and I now hate driving my ICE van to collect building materials. I look forward to a van upgrade one day so I never have to fill up at Tesco’s again! Congratulations to them for installing EV chargers at their location in the village. Haven’t had them ICE’d yet either while shopping there.

Check availability and book on our website at, use the online contact form to ask any questions you may have or give me a ring on 07841 713903 to discuss your stay today.

Hyundai Ionic or Kona Charging times with our Viridian EV Eco Lite chargers.

Ionic/ Kona 64 kWh battery 30-80% = 4.5 hours or approx. 24m/h
Ionic/ Kona 39 kWh battery 30-80% = 3 hours or approx. 24 m/h

Caister Beach Cottages provides 100% renewable electricity from Octopus Energy with ZERO grams CO2 per kWh and 0g CO2 per mile driven.

The carbon footprint for an average UK home is 574kg of CO2 per year. The same home on our Octopus green electricity tariff has a carbon footprint of 0. We can all make a difference.

Happy with your electricity supplier? I have to admit Octopus have always been great to deal with and have a great EV tariff and even better they will give us both £100 credit if you sign up using the link below.

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