Covid-19 update

It’s been a tough few days for all of us I’m sure.

We all face uncertainty.

I’ve been hitting the cancellation button constantly, which is a strange feeling as I only hit it for the first time in 10 years on Monday. I have enjoyed hosting families here in Caister for all that time and boosting local businesses by bringing quality tourism to the village. Thank you to my previous guests, most of you I really enjoyed chatting with 😂 So I hope to be here in future years to welcome returning and new guests but bills have to be paid somehow. When I figure it out I’ll let you all know how...

With the future being so hard to predict and in order to protect my local community I have decided to close the cottage until the 30th April. This date will be moved in line with government advice but I don’t want to be responsible for bringing covid-19 to my neighbours, friends and residents of our fine village.

Despite the financial issues this will create I have decided to refund all guests booked to 30th April in full and will continue to do so as needed. Although my terms clearly state there are no refunds we are all in trouble at this time and my overdraft should cover all outstanding bookings 🤨 It’s not our fault that we are in this situation and we need to look after each other.


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Holiday cottages with electric car charging

Holiday cottages with electric car charging are surprisingly still quite rare and if you are one of the early adopters of this promising technology it can be quite a challenge to find a holiday cottage with an EV charger. Leading the way in guest comfort and convienience, Caister Beach Cottages has installed a 7KW Type 2 EV charging point which is powered by 100% renewable electricity. As we are a beachfront Holiday Cottage To Rent In Norfolk climate change is a concern for the future of the holiday cottage and we try and do our small bit to combat this. The EV charge point is FREE for guest use and is supported by Viridian EV chargers, a UK company. We are also located at the end of a no through road with private parking for two cars (no tripping over the cable) but currently have only the one EV charger.

Caister on Sea Holiday Cottage | Electric Charging point

Norfolk Electric Car Charging

While looking for Dog Friendly Cottages To Rent In Norfolk combined with Holiday cottages with electric car charging I found almost no Holiday cottages in Norfolk with EV charging and was disappointed with the result. There are many businesses that have Electric vehicle charging to use on a day trip in the county and now my cottage facility can top you up while you sleep so you can have a full charge for the following days activities. Electric car owners can remove range anxiety by having a charge point at the cottage and not worry. What a relief! We are located on both the Zap-Map and Plugshare apps for you information.

Caister on Sea Holiday Cottage

Caister Beach Cottages is now in its 10th year with many 5* reviews across many platforms, Check out our reviews on Tripadvisor and HomeAway to see what our many satisfied guests have written. Plans are underway for a Type 2 charger to be installed in our second Norfolk holiday cottage allowing larger groups with additional EV’s to holiday together and as there are few Beachfront Holiday cottages with electric car charging I believe more owners will eventually facilitate electric vehicles in the future. Until then Caister Beach Cottages will lead the way, embracing green technologies as they become available.